Notes #3

Lockdown continues

I don't think I've mentioned this in blogs or notes before, but the UK is currently on lockdown. Since 18th March, Liquid Light have been a fully remote company - we had to quickly adapt to working in an office to all being in our own homes. It's a weird time, but I think the boy is enjoying both me and my wife being home. Despite the fact i'm not spending 2 hours a day commuting, I seem to have less time then I did before! It's going to be a hard shift when we're allowed to go back to the office again.

Thankfully we're allowed to go out an exercise - the bike rides scattered throughout the week are keeping me sane!

Behind the source gets started

It's been a long time coming, but Behind the Source is finally going to be underway next week. Last week I announced who was going to be involved and when the interviews are going public. I'm super excited about these as they have been such a good read while I've been editing and inputting them into the CMS.

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