Reminder: Git, Analytics, Tina and JS

Performance in Analytics

After seeing Harry Roberts talk at FFConf about his performance consultation business, I had a quick look into analytics at performance data available. Under Behaviour, there is a Site Speed section which can highlight some issues with your site. It might be worth having a look through to see if there is anything awry. One thing I did notice on a couple of our clients websites is a county or a particular browser's average was really high - this came down to one person on one day on a particularly bad page load skewing the results. So, as with everything, be careful with the data.

As a side note to this is Google Search Console has added a "Speed" section, which is worth a look at.

Git Grep

Another thing to come out of FFConf was from Alice Bartlett's fantastic talk on Git. She mentioned, in passing about git grep - something I wasn't aware of. Based on this I went and did a search and found this Git - Searching link. This explains not only about git grep (which will grep the contents of the files) but also about git log -S "search term", which will look through the commit messages.

Tina CMS

I was listening to SyntaxFM podcast and Wes Box mentioned TinaCMS in passing. On further inspection it is a React based CMS for Gatsby and Next.js, neither of which I use.

Bling JS

Another good titbit from Wes Bos on Syntax was Bling JS. It's a small JS utility that adds a jQuery style $ selection and an on function to JavaScript in 15 lines. Adam Argyle forked it and added some more functionality (boosting it up to 74 lines), including off, and attribute selection.

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