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  • Use a Raspberry Pi with multiple WiFi networks

    I have recently been carrying my Raspberry Pi back and forth between my home and my local hack space - BuildBrighton. Both places have WiFi and with a Raspberry Pi A+ missing an ethernet port, you need to ensure you can access the Pio to do any sort of development (and

  • Making a filming, photographing, auto-tweeting bot

    At Liquid Light, we often have hack days - a day where we down client work and hack something together for a day. Working on Kensington Street, the graffiti is a prime target for tourists and photographers. We wanted something that captured the wonders of what we see every day. After our

  • Raspberry Pi Timelapse

    I recently acquired a Raspberry Pi camera and the first thing I wanted to do was set up a timelapse. The brains behind this is a slight modification of the standard camera code that the clever Raspberry Pi people give you. Its a python script which is then fired at regular

  • Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi for Input and Output

    Make sure you read the introduction to this series So you want the start hacking with your Raspberry Pi? There are a few things you need to do before you can start poking at the General Purpose Input/Output (or GPIO). Install an operating system I've found Raspbian the best one to work with

  • Hacking with a Raspberry Pi: An Introduction

    I've recently been playing around with Raspberry Pi and some hardware - seeing what else can be done with the tiny computer. I previously wrote about using the pi as a media centre, but I wanted to try something else (after seeing a friend using his for house temperature readings). I've always

  • My Media Centre Solution

    About a year ago, my nerdiness got upgraded. I purchased a second hand NAS. This sat behind my TV and stored my music and films and meant we could stream the media to my Xbox and watch it on the big TV rather than crowding round the laptop. However, it wasn't