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  • Wait, What?

    I didn't realise that my last blog post sounded so morbid. I didn't realise it sounded so dark. I enjoy writing, I enjoy creative writing and so, I like to challenge myself. The is no message, no hidden words behind the text on the page. My writing process involves thinking of

  • Forget-me-not

    Frank Turner, a wonderfully talented musician with whom I have recently embarked a music-man crush upon, has sung some beautiful songs on his recent album. Those songs range from the most awesome, summery but yet depressing (when you actually listen to the lyrics) to the insanely wonderful. Songs which drip

  • A world without the web

    For those of you that know me, you would be aware that I have recently moved house. For those of you that don't, I have recently moved house. Why we had to move is null and void in this post - just know this: landlords can be peculiar. Anyway moving on -

  • Starting Afresh, Starting Anew

    So like my good friends Anthony and Kris, I've realised how little i've blogged over the last year. Looking at my archive the last 6 months of 2012 played host to just 1 blog post. That is terrible. So what i'm going to try to do is blog at least once

  • I hate road cycling

    Road cycling. Its boring. Its rubbish. Most road cyclists just go round in circles. Up to the top of a hill, turn round and back again - wash, rinse, repeat. Mountain biking is where is at. You get to go to the top of the hill, turn round but this time

  • Future of Web Design - May 2012 - Day 1

    In the middle of May, I attended my first big web conference – the Future of Web Design. I’ve been to a few small-scale conferences before, but never one of the big boys. I always wanted to go to one, as the people you meet there are fab, the talks

  • I bloody love twitter

    I bloody love twitter. It's great. Now, I'm not some twitter addict or nerd, well I am, but that's by the by. Some people just don't get twitter and its those people that I don't get. I've recently returned from future of web design conference and without twitter, it don't think it

  • Dahon Vitesse Speed D7

    Whenever I am thinking about making a significant purchase, I always hunt around for reviews, check out blogs and generally search the web for word, be it good or bad. So as I have this blog platform, I thought it the perfect opportunity to bore you all with my thoughts and

  • My Favourite 5 Books - A smashing story

    Recently I've been going through a fad of buying web related books. I love the feel of books, I love reading books. I love sitting on the train reading about web design and development. With a book you're forced to read, rather than skim. With a book you can slide

  • The Commute: The Rant

    I’ve been commuting for nearly a year now. Proper commuting that is. Getting up at some unearthly hour to sit on a train for a bit. Living in a completely different county to where I work. When I started, I used to get to the station with a smile on my