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  • 10 Moments I Hate About Cycling

    A little while ago, Evans Cycles blogged 10 Moments Every Cyclist Hates and before I had even read the blog, plenty of moments popped into my head - but none of them were mentioned! Here are my top 10. 10) When you don't head out on the Bike as you're not

  • Starting Afresh, Starting Anew

    So like my good friends Anthony and Kris, I've realised how little i've blogged over the last year. Looking at my archive the last 6 months of 2012 played host to just 1 blog post. That is terrible. So what i'm going to try to do is blog at least once

  • I hate road cycling

    Road cycling. Its boring. Its rubbish. Most road cyclists just go round in circles. Up to the top of a hill, turn round and back again - wash, rinse, repeat. Mountain biking is where is at. You get to go to the top of the hill, turn round but this time

  • Future of Web Design - May 2012 - Day 1

    In the middle of May, I attended my first big web conference – the Future of Web Design. I’ve been to a few small-scale conferences before, but never one of the big boys. I always wanted to go to one, as the people you meet there are fab, the talks

  • I bloody love twitter

    I bloody love twitter. It's great. Now, I'm not some twitter addict or nerd, well I am, but that's by the by. Some people just don't get twitter and its those people that I don't get. I've recently returned from future of web design conference and without twitter, it don't think it

  • Dahon Vitesse Speed D7

    Whenever I am thinking about making a significant purchase, I always hunt around for reviews, check out blogs and generally search the web for word, be it good or bad. So as I have this blog platform, I thought it the perfect opportunity to bore you all with my thoughts and

  • My Favourite 5 Books - A smashing story

    Recently I've been going through a fad of buying web related books. I love the feel of books, I love reading books. I love sitting on the train reading about web design and development. With a book you're forced to read, rather than skim. With a book you can slide

  • The Commute: The Rant

    I’ve been commuting for nearly a year now. Proper commuting that is. Getting up at some unearthly hour to sit on a train for a bit. Living in a completely different county to where I work. When I started, I used to get to the station with a smile on my

  • Public Relations

    Sometimes I wish we lived in a musical. Not not necessarily with all the singing but just with all that general happiness. I’ve commuted too and from work, be it on trains or buses, and many a time i've wanted to spark up a conversation with someone. This is normally from