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  • The Commute: The Rant

    I’ve been commuting for nearly a year now. Proper commuting that is. Getting up at some unearthly hour to sit on a train for a bit. Living in a completely different county to where I work. When I started, I used to get to the station with a smile on my

  • Public Relations

    Sometimes I wish we lived in a musical. Not not necessarily with all the singing but just with all that general happiness. I’ve commuted too and from work, be it on trains or buses, and many a time i've wanted to spark up a conversation with someone. This is normally from

  • Twitter; Twettle

    Just a short note on my Twitter series of posts! I thought i'd let you know about this tweeting kettle...or Twettle (seeing as it is on the title..). I really want one. But everyone else I've mentioned it to, doesn't see the point. It is a Kettle that tweets when it

  • Twitter; Twintergration

    Twitter, Twitter Twitter. How you have taken over the world? (And my life?) I have recently properly got into Twitter. Before it was just a laborious update to show I was socially aware. I got lazy and integrated it with Facebook and Linked In. Meaning one update did them all. But now?

  • Covers and Remixes

    I have always been a music fan. Playing violin from the age of 7 and progressing onto guitar, the musical world has always intrigued me, taking me on to study a Music Production degree. Covers and mash-ups I have always had a soft spot for. Even if its covers of your

  • Geeks

    I feel geeks are somewhat underestimated in the continuum of time and space. But, in reality, they are amazing. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a geek, I got an early bus and practically ran home when my Mac arrived. Awesome. I've stumbled across a couple of pages that agree

  • To Know or Not To Know

    Knowledge is a powerful thing. I can turn worlds into war, it can turn people to power, and it can turn children to critics, humans into inhabitants. Its one of the most abused tools within the human chronicles. Its one of the most underestimated weapons in our armoury. Knowledge is

  • Thoughts...

    Thoughts are someone’s heart, someone’s soul, someone’s hero trapped inside the body of their worshiper, their disciple, and their devotee. Thoughts can make someone’s day, someone happy, thoughts can cheer a man up, they can make him remember what he enjoys remembering. Thoughts are not only memories; they are journeys