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  • Rarely handy Git commands

    There are rare times when you need a slightly obscure git command. You spent several minutes googling, crafting and constructing your command only to run it once and not need it again for a while. This blog post will serve as my dumping ground for those odd commands I seldom

  • Download files via command line

    I recently purchased a Western Digital EX2 NAS box for my home storage. This device is a low powered file server which is on all the time - perfect for taking care of those hefty downloads and long running tasks so I don't need to keep my laptop on. If you

  • Ignoring libraries in git

    Far too often recently I've noticed people committing libraries and packages to their main application (website) repository. If you use composer, bower, npm or any other dependency manager, then you don't need to commit the downloaded code. For those unfamiliar, Composer is a PHP dependency manager. Think of it as Bower

  • Bower

    Please note: When I have written commands for terminal/command line, I have preceded them with a $. This is not to be typed but signifies a terminal command I have recently discovered the power of Bower - a front end package manager. Rather than having to go and find the hosted

  • Compiling Less on the Command Line

    We've recently changed the way we operate at Bozboz with regards to front-end development. We have been using LESS for a while now, but our process involved including the less.js in the header during development, compiling the LESS using Crunch App before launch and then maintaining the site using the css. I