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  • SCSS Reverse direction

    There may be a point in your CSS coding that you want to know the opposite of a direction (e.g. up, down). This function allows you to pass it a direction and get the opposite back!

  • Multiple transition delays

    Being able to animate with CSS transitions is great, although there are a few gotchas when using them. This one with transition-delay had me scratching my head for a while.

  • CSS Custom Properties - everyday applications

    CSS Custom properties are now supported in Edge, meaning you can use them nearly everywhere. However, there are some cases where further browser support is required. Using PostCSS we can use CSS custom properties in development while still maintaining cross browser support.

  • Find and remove vendor prefixes in your CSS using Regex

    I recently set out to remove all of the vendor prefixes from the CSS for all of our clients at work. This is because we use Gulp with Autoprefixer - which means we have up-to-date prefixes and cleaner SCSS. One way of doing this would be to open every CSS file,

  • CSS Frameworks are like sex...

    Religion is like a penis [Original Source] Since I read it a couple of years ago, this quote has really stuck with me. With recent front-end twitter conversation turning to CSS frameworks, I went on a roller coaster of emotions but eventually settled on the above to sum up how I felt

  • Remaking the Sass News Newsletter

    With the weekly golden nectar of Sass News winging its way into my inbox every week, I decided to take on the challenge of giving the newsletter a facelift (if you're not subscribed and you like Sass - you should do it) Many people would run away at the thought of

  • An Introduction to CSS Preprocessors

    Writing and updating CSS can be a repetitive, tedious and arduous task - especially for big projects. CSS preprocessors can help with that - amalgamating related styles and helping you make your style sheets more DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself). We have been using CSS Preprocessors for quite some time now -

  • A simple Sass compilation gulpfile.js

    This post is not about setting up gulp for the first time - as there are plenty of good blog posts out there explaining that. Instead, this is about getting gulp to compile sass successfully If you haven't set up gulp, or don't know how, I have compiled a short list

  • Sass Rule Layout

    We've been going through a bit of a reshuffle at work with regards to our front-end conventions and layout. With the introduction of Sass into the team, we took it as an opportunity to shake things up in the way we do things. File Layout In every project we use Luigi as