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  • Rarely handy Git commands

    There are rare times when you need a slightly obscure git command. You spent several minutes googling, crafting and constructing your command only to run it once and not need it again for a while. This blog post will serve as my dumping ground for those odd commands I seldom

  • Ignoring libraries in git

    Far too often recently I've noticed people committing libraries and packages to their main application (website) repository. If you use composer, bower, npm or any other dependency manager, then you don't need to commit the downloaded code. For those unfamiliar, Composer is a PHP dependency manager. Think of it as Bower

  • Github for PC and setting up a local testing environment

    The Quick Way Install XAMPP If on Winows Vista or 7, install it in your user folder Install MySQL and Apache as a Service If after installation Ports 80 and 443 are busy open Skype, Options -> Advanced -> Connection -> Uncheck the box Download and install Git for Windows Download and install Tortoise Git Open up PuTTY Gen and