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  • How do I update to Gulp 4?

    Posted on 22nd March 2016. Written For Liquid Light

    Gulp is a fantastic build tool for compiling your SCSS, Less and SVG sprites that we use at Liquid Light. For a while now, the gulpJS team have been working on Version 4. This version features some nice additions to the build tool but does also feature some substantial breaking changes.…

  • Creating SVG Sprites using Gulp and Sass

    Posted on 11th November 2014. Written For Liquid Light

    Following on from our recent blog post about SVG Sprites which gave an introduction and overview to using SVGs in a sprite, this post will outline the processes and tools we use for creating and using an SVG Sprite at Liquid Light. Creating and maintaining large SVG sprites can be cumbersome…

  • Advanced Gulp File

    Posted on 22nd May 2014.

    With gulp starting to find itself into my everyday workflow - I've started to understand its quirks and twists, and how to get along with it. My baseline gulpfile.js has become a lot neater and advanced in its functionality that the one I originally developed back in March. Along with Gulp,…

  • A simple Sass compilation gulpfile.js

    Posted on 17th March 2014.

    This post is not about setting up gulp for the first time - as there are plenty of good blog posts out there explaining that. Instead, this is about getting gulp to compile sass successfully If you haven't set up gulp, or don't know how, I have compiled a short list…