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  • HTML 5 collapsable information - works in a Github/Gitlab issue

    Posted on 10th May 2017.

    It may be that you wish to include a lot of information in a Github issue (or anywhere else on the web that allows HTML) but don't want the code/error to fill out the page. Luckily, there is a way to collapse it using latest HTML tags.…

  • Creating a custom Mailchimp template with layout variations

    Posted on 4th May 2016. Written For Liquid Light

    Creating a responsive, HTML email template is not as easy as it first appears. Email clients are still behind with web standards and supporting latest web technologies, so HTML emails need to be built using the <table> element and inline styles. If you require a custom template and design (away from…

  • HTML Newsletters - Design Considerations

    Posted on 15th December 2014. Written For Liquid Light

    Email newsletters are an effective way of letting your subscribers and customers know about news or upcoming offers. Normal text emails (or plain text emails) get the message across, but HTML emails make the information more attractive and appealing. When creating HTML emails there are several things that we all need…

  • HTML5 - Explained. Briefly

    Posted on 7th February 2012.

    After reading the aforementioned HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World book, I have come to realise that there are loads of changes included with HTML5. I have the book in front of me for me to reference, but I find it laborious to keep opening it to check on…

  • Creating a HTML Email

    Posted on 17th November 2010.

    Creating a HTML email is like going back to the nineties with web design – you have to go against all your natural instincts as a web designer. Floats don’t work, and emails rely heavily on tables for layout. Below are the steps I follow when creating a HTML email…