People are cyclists - a community hub

I’m not sure if this is a thing or just a pipe-dream but bear with me.

I want to create an unbiased service, a factual hub where cyclists and drivers can understand the laws and rules of the road.

Every day I see drivers showing no respect to cyclists, I see cyclists not caring for the highway code and I see arguments online of ill-informed people making sweeping generalisations about “bloody cyclists” or “all drivers”.

I want to make a site which provides information about everything to do with cycling and road use. What’s allowed, what’s legal, what’s advised. When arguments spark up I want a resource people can go to, to get the facts. I want to make it as unbiased as possible, offering both sides of the story and ultimately giving a final answer. No more “I heard this” or “I read that”.

It would link to official sources and each fact would require to be backed up by a reputable source. It would, what us developers call, a “single source of truth”. A central location of all things road.

I want it to be somewhere where drivers can go to learn about cyclists on the road, and cyclists can go to learn what they can and can’t do.

Some examples of issues addressed

  • Cyclists don’t “pay road tax”
  • Cycle paths - why don’t they always get used?
  • How much space should you leave when overtaking?
  • Red lights - should cyclists have to stop?
  • Helmets - are they required?

The site would be a wiki - community edited, community sourced, community maintained.

Is this something people would want? Would you be willing to help out? At the moment I'm just gauging interest. If I get enough interest I’ll look at getting this thing off the ground.

If you want to get involved, or just want to be kept up to date with any goings on, fill in the form below.

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Mike Street

Written by Mike Street

Mike is a front-end developer from Brighton, UK. He spends his time writing, cycling and coding. You can find Mike on Twitter.