Mike Street

Mike Street

I am CTO and lead developer for Brighton-based web agency Liquid Light. I am a serial tinkerer, productivity hipster, procrastiner side-projectahoic and amateur phone photographer

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  • Useful command line MySQL commands

    Posted on 5th July 2020.

    It seems I have been doing a lot of command line work on Debian with MySQL recently and have been having to search the internet (or my bash history) every time I need to do something. Here is a collection of commands I have been using…

  • The Git Commit Hash

    Posted on 28th May 2020.

    The magic 40 character string that is attached to every commit you do. What is it, where does it come from and will understanding it help you with Git in the future?…

  • Why should you consider Cloudflare for your website?

    Posted on 20th April 2020. Written For Liquid Light

    Cloudflare is a service which, among other things, provides a CDN (Content Delivery Network), firewall, and performance layer for your website. It has plenty of paid upgrades and features and is a developer’s dream, but what advantage does it have for you to put your website “behind” Cloudflare and how…



  • #5

    Posted on 6th June 2020.

    Black lives matter This week in America, riots and protests have happened across the country (and world) after the death murder of an unarmed Black man by a white police officer. It has really made me check my privilege and I am making sure I am educating myself on racism and…

  • #4

    Posted on 18th May 2020.

    Behind the Source going well Behind the Source interviews are going well and are well received. Already on the third interview today and I have had nothing but positive comments. Fortunately it is all set up beforehand, so there is minimal work each week to get it live. Unfortunately, Mailchimp have…

  • #3

    Posted on 1st May 2020.

    Lockdown continuesI don't think I've mentioned this in blogs or notes before, but the UK is currently on lockdown. Since 18th March, Liquid Light have been a fully remote company - we had to quickly adapt to working in an office to all being in our own homes. It's a…

  • #2

    Posted on 19th April 2020.

    New Site If you have come here before you would have noticed there is now a new face to my blog. More space, better fonts & (in my opinion) just generally nicer. I wrote a "timeline/history" about the blog/my site and dug up some Internet Archive links for each step. You can…

  • #1

    Posted on 10th April 2020.

    So yes, I'm getting on the Weeknote train. They won't always be weekly, but a series of small notes, achievements and somewhere for me to dump my mind. Git Hooks Battled with git hooks after finding out that there is no such thing as a "pre-merge" hook unfortunately - I wanted to…


  • Subscribeto

    Subscribeto is a directory of email newsletters, tagged and searchable. All of the information is crowd-sourced; collated from directories and the community to help spread the word and share all the wonderful newsletters that are out in the world. Read more about it in the blog post - email.subscribeto - a newsletter database.

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  • Ale House Rock

    I have an Instagram account where I rate ales, bitters and stouts. What started off as an advent calendar has soon grown into a hobby. This site uses the instagram API to pull in a process the data, allowing me to create a sortable, searchable database to find what beers I have rated before and what I thought of them.

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  • Hovélo

    In 2014 I started a cycling group in Hove, where I lived at the time. This group has seen a lot of cyclists come and go over the years and has formed many friendships. It is a relaxed cycling group with no chairman, board or membership fees.

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  • Photos

    I am a keen ameteur phone photographer and post all of my photos to Instagram. I wasn't keen on not owning my data so, using the Instagram API, I pull my photos and their descriptions into a local database. 

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