Mike Street

Mike Street

I am a front-end developer for Brighton-based web agency Liquid Light. In my spare time I like to cycle with Hovélo, tinker with electronics and generally be a geek.

Latest Posts

  • 2018 in review

    2018 was a big year for me, in all sorts of ways. This blog post summarises one of the most life-changing years of my life.

  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

    I recently sold my Xbox One S and bout a PlayStation 4 Pro. Why did I do this and what are the differences? This post outlines my thoughts from an "everyday consumer".

  • Music obsessions

    The table below details what I've been listening to, what I am listening to, or albums I've discovered. There is no shame in this list, these are things you'll catch me listening to. They are albums I reach for when wanting something comfortable. I'm always open to recommendations, so let me

  • Using Vue.js with a Lumen powered API

    Written For Liquid Light

    Lumen is a mico-framework from the creators of Laravel. This blog post walks though how to integrate Vue.js with Vue router and use Lumen as an API for your app.

  • Uses

    I've had a few questions regarding what apps I use with which themes and settings. This is an up-to-date blog post with the answers.

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