This week I announced that I was closing the curtain on my mini-conference Points Brighton.

Points has been my baby, my creation. I feel, now it has found its end, I would like educate you in where it started, why it started and how it started in the hope that you feel inspired. In the hope you can take these words and transform them into something of your own making.

Insites: the tour

It all started when I attended the Insites Tour back in 2011. It was an evening event getting to know people within our web industry and where they came from. It was a great event which was my first 'proper' web event. I met some great people there and it soon got my cogs turning.

The unique thing about Insites, and why I could attend, was because it was an evening event. It was also reasonably priced.

From there, I started thinking - why aren't there more evening web events?

Advice & Help

The advice you can get from anyone in the web is phenomenal. Everyone is willing to help, everyone will answer. I emailed the organisers of Insites and the people they interviewed for advice in setting up my event. I wanted a cheap, evening event that would put off no-one. One where rising stars could hone their speaking skills, one where people don't have to justify to their boss about why they should have a day off, or why they should pay for one of their employees should not be at work.

From here, I started looking at venues and asking for help. Its amazing who puts their hands off.

The First Points

The first Points took place back in 2011. Wanting to keep the price down, I made it a free event. Within a few days I had sold all the tickets. That was 50 people wanting to come to an event I was putting on. That was a rush I will never forget.

It was awesome, I and everyone else had a great time. The second and third Points came so easily after that, most of it planning itself!

From There

From that first event, I have learnt a lot, a have grown as a developer, and as an organiser. Everyone should give it a go and whether you think it goes well or not, people will have a good time. Points gave me my first magazine article and has given me some new friends.

So go on, go and put on an event!

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