"Year in Review" Statistics

Every year, I write a summary of the year (more for my benefit than anyone else's). In previous years, I've collated stats and displayed via tables. I thought it about time I made some charts with the data.

Different stats start at different times as I wanted to collate all the data I could, instead of data fixed to the shortest time.

Blog Posts

How many blog posts have I written for myself and Liquid Light?

Personal blog

Liquid Light

Blog Posts

My 10 most popular blog posts of the year and their rank in comparison to the previous year


Looking back over the years, how many pictures have I posted on Instagram?


The following data is from Strava since I started using it (which was pretty much when I started road cycling in 2012)


Time Spent on Rides


Number of Rides


Walking data starts in 2019, which was when I got my Garmin watch.

Steps stepped

Floors climbed

Calories burned


As you can see, I used to Geocache, a lot. After a 10 year hiatus I started back up at the end of 2021

Geocaches found