I bloody love twitter

I bloody love twitter. It's great.

Now, I'm not some twitter addict or nerd, well I am, but that's by the by.

Some people just don't get twitter and its those people that I don't get. I've recently returned from future of web design conference and without twitter, it don't think it would exist.

Twitter is one of those things that it's hard to explain, and it's hard to see the benefits when you are an an outsider, but when you come inside, to the warmth of followers and the glowing fire of your mates it's amazing.

You can ask for help, and people will help, you can ask for advice, and people will advise, you can ask for attendance and people will attend - the list goes on and it's bloody brilliant.

Still not convinced?

A case study:

I run an event called Points. You may know of this event, you may not. But it's a mini-conference. It was held last Tuesday, 8th may. I only promoted it on twitter and 25 people came. That's 25 people whom I may or may not know, who found out about the event on twitter. It was raising money for a charity, Tia's trees, set up by Remy sharp, who I met through twitter. How is that for a case study?

At the FOWD conf, I met up with people who I know on twitter, and I met people who I now follow on twitter, because emailing them is too formal and the conversation is forced if you email. But with twitter, you can tell them what you're up to, or show off you latest projects without looking like a dick.

Twitter also allows you to realise that people are just that, people. That amazing web guy, or celebrity you love? Follow them on twitter and you realise that they get cramp, or spots, or colds and it makes you love the more, because they're human. Its also a portal to start a conversation with said mega-star and who knows, you might become friends.

So love twitter, and I would love to hear your twitter experiences. In fact, croydon creatives is perfect example of some good twitters.

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