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  • The Real World of Web Development

    Posted on 31st July 2019.

    I read "The Real Dark Web", a blog post from @whalecoiner and within a few paragraphs it really hit home. There are a few noisy web developers who are innovating, ...

  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

    Posted on 17th November 2018.

    I recently sold my Xbox One S and bout a PlayStation 4 Pro. Why did I do this and what are the differences? This post outlines my thoughts from an "everyday consumer".

  • Render Conf 30th March 2017 - A review

    Posted on 18th May 2017. Written For Liquid Light

    On 30th March, I took the many trains over the many hours required to get to Oxford from Brighton and attended Render Conf. In it’s second year, this conference ...

  • How we use Trello to keep track of our marketing schedule

    Posted on 2nd August 2016. Written For Liquid Light

    Trello is a great tool which lets you easily manage projects. Ranging from websites to weddings, Trello helps you create tag and move cards. At Liquid Light, we use Trello to keep track of our marketing output - this blog explains how.

  • Let's drop IE8

    Posted on 3rd December 2015. Written For Liquid Light

    For website creators, making sure a website looks good across device and browsers is our biggest challenge. Websites don’t have to look the same, but they do have to ...

  • Using Slack to Improve Team Communication

    Posted on 30th April 2015. Written For Liquid Light

    Slack is a hugely popular communication team tool which has grown from strength to strength over the last year. It was publicly released in February 2014 and has recently been valued ...

  • HTML Newsletters - Design Considerations

    Posted on 15th December 2014. Written For Liquid Light

    HTML emails are a great way of keeping your customers up-to-date, but are not as versatile as web pages. Here's our list of things to consider when designing and building HTML emails.

  • 10 moments I hate about cycling

    Posted on 19th June 2014.

    Evans Cycles blogged "10 Moments Every Cyclist Hates" and before I had even read the blog, plenty of moments popped into my head - these are my top 10

  • Starting Afresh, Starting Anew

    Posted on 15th February 2013.

    So like my good friends Anthony and Kris, I've realised how little i've blogged over the last year. Looking at my archive the last 6 months of 2012 played host to just 1 ...

  • Start Your Own Event

    Posted on 29th August 2012. Written For .net magazine

    This article first appeared in issue 230 of .net magazine – the world's best-selling magazine for web designers and developers. Conferences are great. You get to meet fantastic people, you learn ...

  • I hate road cycling

    Posted on 19th July 2012.

    Road cycling. Its boring. Its rubbish. Most road cyclists just go round in circles. Up to the top of a hill, turn round and back again - wash, rinse, repeat.

  • Future of Web Design - May 2012 - Day 1

    Posted on 11th July 2012.

    In the middle of May, I attended my first big web conference – the Future of Web Design. I’ve been to a few small-scale conferences before, but never one but never one of the big boys

  • I bloody love twitter

    Posted on 16th May 2012.

    I bloody love twitter. It's great. Now, I'm not some twitter addict or nerd, well I am, but that's by the by.

  • Dahon Vitesse Speed D7

    Posted on 26th February 2012.

    Whenever I am thinking about making a significant purchase, I always hunt around for reviews, check out blogs and generally search the web for word, be it good or bad.

  • The Commute: The Rant

    Posted on 4th February 2012.

    I’ve been commuting for nearly a year now. Proper commuting that is. Getting up at some unearthly hour to sit on a train for a bit. Living in a ...

  • Public Relations

    Posted on 16th March 2011.

    Sometimes I wish we lived in a musical. Not not necessarily with all the singing but just with all that general happiness.

  • Twitter; Twettle

    Posted on 22nd April 2010.

    Just a short note on my Twitter series of posts! I thought i'd let you know about this tweeting kettle...or Twettle (seeing as it is on the title..). I ...

  • Twitter; Twintergration

    Posted on 21st April 2010.

    Twitter, Twitter Twitter. How you have taken over the world? (And my life?) I have recently properly got into Twitter. Before it was just a laborious update to show I ...

  • Covers and Remixes

    Posted on 20th April 2010.

    I have always been a music fan. Playing violin from the age of 7 and progressing onto guitar, the musical world has always intrigued me.

  • Geeks

    Posted on 29th January 2009.

    I feel geeks are somewhat underestimated in the continuum of time and space. But, in reality, they are amazing. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a geek.

  • To Know or Not To Know

    Posted on 28th January 2009.

    Knowledge is a powerful thing. I can turn worlds into war, it can turn people to power, and it can turn children to critics, humans into inhabitants. Its one of ...

  • Thoughts...

    Posted on 27th January 2009.

    Thoughts are someone’s heart, someone’s soul, someone’s hero trapped inside the body of their worshiper, their disciple, and their devotee. Thoughts can make someone’s day, someone ...