My Local Bike Shop in Brighton

Living in Brighton, there is a huge array of bike shops to choose from. Ask any local cyclist and the phrase "Support your local bike shop" is often muttered - with people suggesting local independent small bike shops. However, if you ask me what my favourite bike shop was my reply would be, controversially, Evans.

With Evans being a chain, there are people who don't trust them. You don't have to look very hard to find a bad review about one of their stores online, but for me, they are all I could ask for.

I've had a couple of bad experiences with small bike shops; not being open when they are supposed to, or getting bad customer service because i'm not a regular or a full-on cyclist geek (well, I wasn't at the time!).

With Evans, you walk in and you don't feel intimidated. You can ask any question you want and no-one turns their nose up at you, but if you want to geek out the staff definitely know their stuff.

Anyone in an Evans shirt will bend over backwards for you. I've previously popped in with a gear issue and they were more than happy to take it out for a spin and tweak it and just today they were happy to look at a dodgy tyre. They have no problems with spending time explaining or helping you with queries.

Lastly, Evans Bike shop in Brighton are a shop I can trust.

So next time you need something doing on our bike, need a new inner tube or simply some advice on bikes, gears or pedals, don't be so quick to snuff Evans.

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