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Sometimes I wish we lived in a musical. Not not necessarily with all the singing but just with all that general happiness.

I’ve commuted too and from work, be it on trains or buses, and many a time i've wanted to spark up a conversation with someone. This is normally from something they’ve said to someone else, something their doing or just for some general chit chat. For example: as I write this, a girl/lady is sat opposite me (lets call her... Victoria [we’re on a train headed to London Victoria]). Now Victoria emerged from the toilet not too long ago, with red eyes and she was sniffing. This was joined by a sad look on her face. Now, she’s either upset or on some sort of substance, but due to her posture and behaviour, I’m guessing the former.

See in a musical or film, the man would check if she’s ok, or crack a joke, or show a funny picture on his phone to make her smile. Anything to brighten her day, anything to lift her moods from playing with the demons that they are evidently frolicking with at the moment.

I know if I was Victoria, the random act of kindness from a stranger would lift my mood. Just the thought of someone nice out there willing to go out of their way to make me smile would certainly reinstate my faith in the world.

But alas, with today's stalkers, touchers, murders etc and societies perception of all men only being out there for one thing and that would be the only reason for them to talk to a stranger, prevented me from doing so.

However, I think if we work together. If we try and break that barrier, that taboo of talking to strangers for no reason, then everyone would be happier. You would get to work with a smile on your face, or you would return home with a new joke. The world would be so much better.

So next time you see a Victoria, go on and make this life a musical.

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