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I've been cleaning up my sever space recently and found a few apps i've made that i may have tweeted about before, but aren't linked anywhere. So in the interest of SEO and making people more aware of the little things I've built, I thought what better way than to blog about them?

The first one is Rat:o - a ratio calculator.

I built this app just after I started learning jQuery - I wanted to test my knowledge so I thought I would knock this up. It took a few evenings (longer than it should have) but now does the job perfectly. You can chose to get exact or round to the nearest 'pixel'

I built it as on a day to day basis in my job, I am resizing images or youtube videos and such and to do this, I found myself opening photoshop, making a new file the size of the original and then going to Image -> Resize. This technique didn't really matter if I had Photoshop already open, but you can imagine the laborious task that it turned into when I had to open that massive program.

Operation of this app is fairly easy. Put the original dimensions or the ratio you want you picture or video to be and then enter the desired width or height and it fills in the other one! Simple!

Try Ratio out for yourself

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