Setting up Tiny Tiny RSS to collate feeds

I've always been a big fan of RSS and have used a desktop application (Reeder was my go-to) for many years. However, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic and a slight shift in our practices at work to allow more working from home, I found I was going several days without getting to check up on my feeds.

After doing a lot of research, I settled on Tiny Tiny RSS. The set up was easy and the interface was great. You can follow the instructions on their site for that. I've opted for the feedly theme with mine.

The one thing I did struggle to work out is how to get the feeds to update in the background. In their documentation, they suggest running under systemd being the best method, but I struggled to understand what that meant.

Found on a forum/stackoverflow somewhere (sorry I lost the link), I found the following steps:

  1. Edit: /lib/systemd/system/ttrss_backend.service
  2. Insert the following, updating /var/www/tt-rss/ to the path of where you have installed ttrss
    Description=ttrss_backend mysql.service postgresql.service

    [Service] User=www-data ExecStart=/var/www/tt-rss/update_daemon2.php


  3. Run: `sudo systemctl enable ttrss_backend.service` to enable the service
  4. `sudo service ttrss_backend start` to start it

You can then run sudo journalctl -u ttrss_backend to check on the status of the service

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