The Real World of Web Development

I read "The Real Dark Web", a blog post from @whalecoiner and within a few paragraphs it really hit home. There are a few noisy web developers who are innovating, but their innovations are not realistic in the "Real world".

Yet [we] are told, mostly implicitly, sometimes directly, that if [we're] not innovating and using the latest tools that [we] are somehow a failure. This feeling of failure for not implementing the latest tech permeates our industry.

This hits the nail on the head .Their demos are great, the latest greatest frameworks are excellent but they are not applicable in the real world. Because I'm not out there making fancy apps and nifty extensions, I somehow feel like a lesser developer. I somehow feel like I am not good enough and fail to understand why I have a job as a developer, and I'm a white cis male, I can't even begin to understand how a minority would feel in this industry.

But this is not the case. At Liquid Light we make performant, cross-browser, accessible websites_._ Our sites work all around the world and are not prejudice towards your tech-stack or location.

Just today, we launched ADR UK, a kick-ass corporate website which looks damn sexy and scores top marks in all the tools - despite using jQuery!

ADRUK scores top marks on Google Lighthouse

We've also done websites for companies that build machines that measure light, or that try to highlight the disability gap. They are not cool, they are not using a hipster tech stack, but they are accessible, performant and they work.

So next time you are feeling insignificant, or like you're not using the greatest tools, just remember: You are not alone, nor in the minority.

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