Thoughts are someone’s heart, someone’s soul, someone’s hero trapped inside the body of their worshiper, their disciple, and their devotee. Thoughts can make someone’s day, someone happy, thoughts can cheer a man up, they can make him remember what he enjoys remembering. Thoughts are not only memories; they are journeys through the mind. Think long and hard enough and you can get to places that will haunt you, that will scare you, that will reveal to you who you never really realised you were. Thoughts can take you on an adventure to places you could only imagine. Thoughts can be a mans best friend. Helping him escape to a world where everything is gold and no troubles can bother him. Nothing at all. Thoughts can give you great pleasure, happy memories, and an amazing quest. Anything your heart desires your thoughts can take you there.

Beware. For thoughts can be troublesome. Thoughts can be dangerous, harmful, crippling. Where a thought can easily take you to happiness, it can just as easily take a wrong turning. Go left instead of right, down instead of up. And once its taken that wrong turning, there’s no going back until its too late. That thought about the nice thing, the lovely thing, has turned dark, darker then the night that follows day, darker then that cave, then tar. Once you are in that dark place, thoughts just spiral. They can’t control themselves. One dark demon after another. When you consciously work out you’re thinking of the work of the angel of darkness you try and fight it. But it takes more effort then you can handle to defeat that spiral that has taken you down. There is no exit, no way out, except company. Another human being is her worst enemy. The angel has no place where others are present. The angel cannot fight when outnumbered. The angel cannot win.

So find friendship, happiness and company. Whether it be with your father, daughter, best friend or worst enemy. Sibling, spouse or the old man at the bus stop. Any of these people are your allies when it comes to claiming victory over the angel. She has no business where companionship is concerned. She has no need to be present. She is me. I am you. You are her. We all house an angel of darkness. You all have dark thoughts. Mine are just worse then yours, yours wose then hers and hers definitely worse then mine. A Catch 22 as it were. You cannot contain yourself when it comes to dark thoughts. Release your heart, your soul. For otherwise you will never be free.

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