I finally downloaded my ~Twitter~ X archive as a trusty zip file and set up a version of Tweetback.

You can see my tweets here.

Interestingly, it uses tweetback-canonical which replaces any Twitter links it finds with other people's instances instead of linking to the bird site, as long as they have added themselves.

This kind of marks an end of an era for me, really. I don't care much for Elon or his businesses, I've not particularly boycotted Twitter because of him, more because of what Twitter has become since he took over. A spammy, bug-riddled skeleton of itself. Twitter has served it's purpose but, for me, it has now "finished".

Creating the Tweetback instance also threw up some stats, like the fact I sent 25,053 tweets with 64.8% of them being replies. I used emojis in 1,905 tweets and swore in 1.4% (333) of my posts.

I'm not quite sure what I'll do with the Tweetback, I might tweak the styling but, ultimately, I think i'll just leave it there as a box of memories I can peruse once in a while.

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