Notes: #16

Every one of my notes seems to start with a "can't believe time has flown", so I'm going to skip that bit

I need to get back on the blog writing train & hopefully this is the start. I've been spending a lot of my "side-project" time working on and exploring new processes for work. They are still personal development and "side project"-like, but I have had so many back-to-back interests I've not stopped to write about them.

As a reminder (and to publically "shame" myself into writing posts), these are the topics I would like to cover

  • ddev - getting started, pitfalls & rolling it out to a team
  • deploying a Docker image via Gitlab CI
  • Using docusaurus
  • Building and deploying docusaurus
  • Setting up Meli and deploying through Gitlab Ci
  • PHP Deployer - setting up
  • Deploying using PHP Deployer and Gitlab CI

As you can see, i've been playing a lot with Gitlab CI. It's such an additive technology - once you start doing one you want to do them ALL.

Anyway, quick note to get those out of my head - hopefully you'll see some posts soon!

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