• How can I verify my Google Event Tracking is working?

    Written For Liquid Light

    Validating your Google Event tracking is working can be a tricky business. This blog post walks you through checking the data being sent to Google Analytics, so you can verify the information is correct.

  • Navigation drop-downs. Should they be hover or click?

    Written For Liquid Light

    Navigation drop-downs, or mega menus as they are sometimes dubbed, are becoming more and more common on the web. A drop-down menu is a navigation block which appears when a link is clicked (or hovered). This article explores why you should consider having your drop-down navigation on click.

  • Damaged version of macOS

    I was recently trying to install a copy of macOS from a USB stick I'd made and kept getting an error saying the OS was damaged. I created the stick using both the command line and the OSX Install Disk Creator and whatever I did I got the error.

  • Music obsessions

    I go through phases of really liking an album, searching for it every time I open Spotify and then, a month later, never listening to it again and forgetting about it. With Spotify and the wealth of music available, I feel I latch on as I'm too afraid to venture

  • People are cyclists - a community hub

    I’m not sure if this is a thing or just a pipe-dream but bear with me. I want to create an unbiased service, a factual hub where cyclists and drivers can understand the laws and rules of the road. Every day I see drivers showing no respect to cyclists, I see cyclists

  • SCSS Reverse direction

    There may be a point in your CSS coding that you want to know the opposite of a direction (e.g. up, down). This function allows you to pass it a direction and get the opposite back!