10 moments I hate about cycling

A little while ago, Evans Cycles blogged 10 Moments Every Cyclist Hates and before I had even read the blog, plenty of moments popped into my head - but none of them were mentioned! Here are my top 10.

10) When you don't head out on the Bike as you're not in the mood, then you regret it later in the day

When you wake up, its a little bit cloudy and you love the cocoon of the mattress so decide to stay in. Later on you are then itching to go out - but you have plans!

9) When you don't know what to wear

Is it going to be hot? Windy? Cold? Raining? Longs? Shorts? Arms? Fingers? Finger-less?

8) When you take your lid off, and have to put it back on with sweaty pads

I sometimes go out for a pre-ride work, cycling to work means I have to put a sweaty helmet back on.

7) When you catch someone up going downhill, but don't quite have the speed or space to overtake

Touching the brakes, not quite getting terminal velocity and not quite getting your fastest time

6) When your steed starts squeaking or rattling

You either put up with it or pull over every 5 minutes trying to work out where its coming from

5) Cars & Traffic

They get in the way don't they? Cutting up, pulling out, going too slow (see 7 or 3). Also that moment when you overtake a bus, to then get overtaken, to overtake again...

4) When you give it all you've got but its not...

When you sprint and try so hard to get your best time, but it only comes up 3rd best on Strava...

3) When you build up momentum to attack a hill and have to slow down due to someone else

Starting up your legs again is a killer!

2) When you drop your chain - especially on a climb

Having your chain drop in the middle of an ascent is the worst way to stop - especially if you're clipped in

1) When you pull away but can't get your second clip in

Trying and trying, but it just won't go - especially a nightmare when its a hill!

A bonus one from @frazz9!

@mikestreety you missed falling off because you don't take the correct foot out of your clips!  Katharine Matthews (@frazz9) June 19, 2014

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