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A note from 2024: with the questionable demise of Twitter/X incoming, I have copied some tweets & images as-they-were from the birdsite for preservation

16 February

A couple of weeks ago my Cannondale bike was involved in an altercation with a car park barrier while on top of the car.

Carbon bike frame, metal barrier and solid roof rack, unfortunately the bike lost and got written off.

Broken bike frame

So after much deliberation and research, I’ve decided to take on the challenge of building a bike myself. Hunting round I’ve found equal spec kit or better, coming in at £10 under the cost of what I got for the old bike.

I’ll tweet about the process purely so I can make a blog post about it at the end (also so I can ask for help 😉)

There will be tears, there will be blood. But my god I’m going to try and get a bike out of it at the end.

Delivery 1:

Full 105 groupset with hydraulic disc brakes.

Delivery 1

Delivery 2

Some lovely @HuntBikeWheels. Looking forward to riding these!

Delivery 2

19 February

Delivery 3

Titanium bike frame, carbon disc forks, headset and lots of other gubbins.

Delivery 3

Delivery 4

One disc rotor and a clamp to convert a braze on front derailleur to a clamp.

I didn’t realise I was only buying one disc rotor. I thought it was a pair 🤔

Delivery 4

28 February

Got the bottom bracket on, seat post and chain set in. Build now on hold until I change my flat mount disc calipers for post mount!

Bottom bracket fitting - picture 1 Bottom bracket fitting - picture 2

5 March

Headset pressed!

Headset pressed - picture 1 Headset pressed - picture 2

13 March

Delivery ….. 7? Post mount (instead of flat mount) hydraulic disc brakes (the right ones)

Delivery 7

Oh, and a medium caged rear mech, which is apparently what you need when you decide to run an 11-32 rear cassette

Rear mech

20 March

Forks, handlebars and wheels on! Starting to like the look of this bike 😀

Scary cutting the carbon forks but seemed to get it right. Next step - brakes and gears!

Rolling stock

22nd March

Last couple of days I’ve got the disc brakes and rear derailleur connected. Going to get my local bike shop to shorten and neaten the cables though

Gears and brakes - 1 Gears and brakes - 2

28th March

Cabling tidied up (and it’s outside!) thanks to LBS. Just the bar tape to do now.

Cabling - 1 Cabling - 1

It’s complete! The STREET Hurricán lives!

More info can be found on instagram - https://instagram.com/p/Bg3_wRthTJM/

The full build

3rd April

The results are in. Rode this beauty on Sunday and it’s great.

Total build cost: Just a smidge over £1900.

Reilly cycles just released a bike of the same spec for £2900

I think I’m winning.

And finally some pictures. And yeah, that’s right - my handlebars have my name

Full bike Wheel hub Handlebars Chainring

16th April

With the help of my dad’s luggage weighing machine (and a yoga strap), I finally got round to weighing my bike.

9.56kg. Not bad for a hydraulic disc brake wielding machine.

Weighing a bike

Instagram Post - 28th March

Bike outside a garage

So here we have it. The build of the year.

I introduce to you the STREET Hurracán

  • @planetxbikes titanium frame
  • @huntbikewheels 4 season wheels
  • @rideshimano 105 hydraulic disc groupset
  • (Soon to be) tubeless wheels
  • Blood, sweat and tears (literally all three)

My slight irk is the grip tape colour. But it’s really good grip tape that was given to me for free so shh. Many thanks to al those that helped me build this beauty. Can’t wait to ride it proper.

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