Starting Afresh, Starting Anew

So like my good friends Anthony and Kris, I've realised how little i've blogged over the last year. Looking at my archive the last 6 months of 2012 played host to just 1 blog post. That is terrible.

So what i'm going to try to do is blog at least once a month. When the glorious year of 2013 is over, I want 12 blog posts to my name (this one doesn't count). If I end up with more, that's brilliant. Any less and I'll seriously consider why i'm blogging in the first place

To help me and to give me motivation, I've installed a new CMS (which lets me write in markdown) and I've archived all of my old blog posts. Wordpress was clunky and too much for what I needed - Anchor CMS however is clean, simple and just a blog (but you can make pages too). Not having the old blog posts there to buffer, means I'll (hopefully) be more motivated to post.

What I've done with my own Wordpress posts is export them, create a new table in the Anchor CMS database and looped through them on the Archive page for reference. I'm tempted to put a key at the top, so you can jump to the post. I'll make a blog post about how I did that (simple PHP & very basic MySQL)

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