Take your 11ty build from 1 second to 2 minutes by generating OG images

Yes, you read that right. Increase your build time by 11,900% with less than 30 lines of code

Since seeing Elly's post about OG images generated with 11ty, I've been thinking about how to do it. I like having my content in my repo and wondered if I could generate them on build or similar, use node to generate images.

This was a very bad idea - it took my build from 1 second to 120 seconds. It's gone in the bin, however it was a good practice and I learnt some bits about 11ty I didn't know before.

My thought was to loop through my collections and use node-html-to-image to actually generate a PNG. This was done using a .11ty.js file, a special kind of JS file which does some 11ty magic. It's especially powerful when using Classes.

Below is the build-breaking code I wrote, I thought I would post it for prosperity, in case I need to refer back to something at a later date.

const nodeHtmlToImage = require('node-html-to-image');

class Image {

	data() {
		return {
			pagination: {
				data: "collections.notes",
				size: 1,
				alias: "item"
			permalink: data => {
				return `/og/${data.item.page.url}/image.png`


	async render(data) {
		return await nodeHtmlToImage({
			html: '<html><body>{{postTitle}}</body></html>',
			content: {
				postTitle: data.item.data.title

module.exports = Image;

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