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So you've got a brand new website that you want to promote?

Recently I finished a website for Frag Records. Once completed they asked me for some hints and tips on how to get their name out there and how to be heard. Off the top of my head I came up with several promotional techniques that are expected of artists, labels, companies etc but are not always that obvious, so I thought I would share these points. They do not all need to be done or they may not all appeal to you, but keep them in mind.

These steps are mainly for the music industry people, but can also be applied to any company.

Set up a facebook page and keep it regularly updated! Offer things to fans - people love being fans of things, especially if it means they might get freebies. Offer out a free track here and there, or discount to a night out that only fans can use. You can send out a private message to them all and print off a list of fans for a guest list.

With that, you can then set up a twitter account. Facebook and twitter can now talk to each other very easily, so you can update one account and the other updates automagically. If you want to offer Twitter or Facebook only offers, if you have it set up right, you can still log in and post separately.

Sign Up to MySpace - chuck some sample tracks up there. It is not crucial that you keep this one updated as much, but having a MySpace means more exposure, more chance of being found. Twitter can also update your MySpace status, so no need to keep logging in!

Set up a bandcamp - This site is fairly new, but this lets you upload your tracks and sell them - For free! You can also include mini media players from bandcamp onto your new website, giving people the chance to buy the tracks there and then.

Along the lines of bandcamp, use Soundcloud. This is another place to upload tracks but also lets people comment on others. Once signed up, find individuals who make music similar to you and comment on them. This gets you more attention, thus meaning more publicity!

All you've got to remember is that the more websites you're on, the more chance there is of being found and it gives people the option to use whichever service they prefer.

Set up a mailing list - People love signing up to mailing lists if it means they get offers that no-one else does. To entice people, set up an introductory offer, be it a free track or free sample etc. and then once in a while give something away.

Set up a blog - this way you can post about upcoming gigs, the latest track and how it was made, gigs you went to, new albums you love, classic S Club 7 tracks... all this helps boost search engine optimisation, the more you talk, the more noticed you'll get. The more you link, the more traffic, the more sales... the list goes on. If you do set up a blog, you can have it set up so it updates your twitter and facebook telling your fans that there is a new post.

Set up a shop - merchandise merchandise merchandise! You can use something like if you want clothing, but if you want to sell CDs (even as an mp3 download) then either do it yourself or see above (bandcamp)

This is just the start of your campaign, but its worth taking these points into consideration for boosting your website traffic

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