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Twitter, Twitter Twitter.

How you have taken over the world? (And my life?)

I have recently properly got into Twitter. Before it was just a laborious update to show I was socially aware. I got lazy and integrated it with Facebook and Linked In. Meaning one update did them all. But now? Oh now I love the joys of Twitter and I cannot get enough.

My Twitter gets updated by numerous things, but more on that later. I love the fact you can integrate Twitter with EVERYTHING. As I said, my Twitter was hooked up with Facebook and Linked In. But recently I've been using Twitter a lot more and I didn't want to bombard, my Facebook friends (all 6 of them) and Linked In connections (2 of these!) with mindless bore of me talking to someone on Twitter.

I used to use the Twitter Application for Facebook for the integration that way, and LinkedIn has its own integration option but this published everything I put on Twitter - including Retweets and Replies, which with the more I used Twitter, came more and more frequent. So it took it off.

I still have Facebook integration for my Twitter, in case I want to update them both, but i now use an Application called 'Selective Tweets'. This is a fantastic bit of code that looks at my tweets and only publishes the ones with #fb at the end, which means My Facebook buddies only get a few updates a week. Rather than 3 an hour.

The same goes for my LinkedIn. Only tweets with an #in somewhere in the tweet makes its way OVER.


Its amazing.

I have plenty of things hooked up to my Twitter Account to update things and notify me and others of my happenings.

  • LoveFilm: I am subscribed to Love Film and whenever they send me a new film, 'I' tweet it. Whenever they get a film Back that i watched, 'I' tweet it. Its amazing and has sparked conversations.
  • TwitterFeed: This little legend is hooked up, watching this very blog via RSS feeds and will tweet whenever I post a new blog post!
  • Snaptu: Not so much automated, but this is what I use on my LG Renoir to Tweet. Nifty little app.
  • TwitPic: Just a simple little place to upload photos and Tweet them
  • Twaitter: Know you're going to be somewhere, doing something but unable to tweet? Just Twait it!

Various websites allow you to now sign in with your Twitter account instead of having to create a new one which saves the laborious chore of entering your email.

You can turn your computer off remotely by tweeting to its own account. The things you can do with Twitter these days is endless!

I just love the fact that that there are so many features and functions available to do anything you want.

You can also put it everywhere. For example, I have my latest Tweet appearing at the top of my website, See? Shows that I'm on Twitter...

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