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I have always been a music fan. Playing violin from the age of 7 and progressing onto guitar, the musical world has always intrigued me, taking me on to study a Music Production degree.

Covers and mash-ups I have always had a soft spot for. Even if its covers of your own song but done acoustically, like in Radio 1's Live lounge.

Whether it is a club remix or an acapella group (Straight No Chaser), as long as I know the original, I am all for listening to a cover or remix.

What I cannot stand, however, is badly done, half-arsed, poorly produced rubbish. I'm no singer/re-mixer, I know that, so I don't try and do it (well I do, but it never leaves the privacy of my own room). Some people still insist on forcing this rubbish upon us. An example - The Streets cover of Elton John's 'Your Song' found on the Radio 1 Establish 1967 CD (can't believe I'm linking to this rubbish). He can't sing, so why try? I won't bore you with my ranting about bad covers, instead i'll move onto must hears...

Using Stumble Upon, I came across a man who goes by the alias of DJ Earworm. He is an absolutely FANTASTIC re-mixer and I recommend him to anyone and everyone. The best bit about his tracks is that he chops up the videos to go with the music, which makes it more interesting and entertaining to watch.  I could list all of his tracks as the "best ones" (which he does on his blog anyway). So instead I shall list my top 4 favourite re-mixes buy Mr. Earworm.

4: No More Gas:

3: United States of Pop 2008:

2: Too Many to Decide!

1: United States of Pop 2009:

Sorry there was no number 2, he just has so many I can't pick one! All of his tracks are professionally produced, in time, in tune, sound amazing and are just inspirational. I just can't begin to fathom how he even begins to start mixing up the tracks. The other thing I like about him is the fact he includes the list of artists included and tells you a little back story about them!

Anyway, that's enough Earworm praise - moving on to a few other covers and mash-ups.

This guy (DJ Dain) has done a very clever mash up of Jason Mraz 'I'm Yours', Bobby McFerrin 'Don't Worry' and some fella called Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. His track (cleverly called 'Don't Worry, I'm Yours') is a stripped down mash up. Usually re-mixes include drums and bass, but his, just the original guitar.

As I said before, as long as I know the tracks, i'll give it ago.

The other cover you may have heard (if you're an internet fiend like me) is the cover of Stand By Me (originally Ben E. King) sung by people around the world. This must have taken some organsiation to get them all in time!

There are still thousands of amazing covers and re-mixes out there that I haven't mentioned, but if you think of one that deserves an honourable mention, drop me a tweet!

On one last note, I'll leave you with my (The Red Attack's) cover of 5ive - Keep on Moving. Sorry about the sound quality!

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