So yes, I'm getting on the Weeknote train. They won't always be weekly, but a series of small notes, achievements and somewhere for me to dump my mind.

Git Hooks

Battled with git hooks after finding out that there is no such thing as a "pre-merge" hook unfortunately - I wanted to prevent our staging branch being merged into any other branch. I was able to use the "pre-commit" hook to prevent commits to the staging branch.


Listened to the "Make Life Work" with Dan Blundell podcast while cycling up a steep hill this weekend, part of which inspired me to start these very notes.


With everyone working from home because of the current COVID-19 inspired lockdown, Zoom (the video conferencing company) have had a lot of bad press for their privacy policies and practices. I compiled a tweet thread of articles revealing the truth about zoom.


My current hosting is with Scaleway, but the server I have has been bastardised due to my incompetence and indecision. I have decided this week to burn it to the ground and start again. Looking at pricing, i've decided to move to Hetzner. At the time of writing, I have set up the server but not installed or moved anything yet!

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