Socket RSS - The Gleefreshing answer to your Doomscrolling habits

I love RSS, I love how it is like a social network without any of the nonsense. No-one seems to write flippant comments on their blog. They tend to be good, wholesome, educational content (certainly the blogs I follow are...)

Because of this, I wanted an RSS reader for my phone. Something that, when I reach for twitter, I can reach for instead. Something that makes me want to Gleefresh, not Doomscroll.

However, I am a notification/unread marker fiend. If it says I have something unread, I have to read it/clear it (side note: those screenshots where people have hundreds of unread emails make me feel as nervous as intentionally odd socks).

Because of this, and because I love a side project, I built Socket RSS.

Currently it is very much in beta. You can't change your password, you can't delete your account (if you want to do either of these things let me know.

The idea is you subscribe to more feeds then you could read, but subscribe to them all and scroll. Something catches your eye? Click it and read it. If not, move on.

I've found since using it I have tweeted more people about their articles and learnt more things. I'm forever searching for new feeds to subscribe too and love keeping up with everything - even if it is just reading headlines. The advantage to this service is it only gets each feed once, and many people can subscribe to it. That way, I don't bombard a users RSS feed while allowing expansion into a "most subscribed" or "newly added" explore tab.

There are still loads of things to do on it, but for now I am leaving it where it is as I can feel my fatigue with it setting in.

Feel free to sign up, import your current RSS feeds and install the PWA. Click it next time you want to scroll something but not be depressed by Twitter. Let me know how you get on or if there could be any improvements.

Go to Socket Rss


  • [ ] Ability to change password
  • [ ] Ability to change email address
  • [ ] Ability to delete account
  • :white_check_mark: Password restrictions/minimum length/complexity
  • [ ] "Forgot" password
  • [ ] Export subscriptions as text/list and/or OPML
  • [ ] Create a "most subscribed to" list
  • [ ] Optimise FE, remove unneeded code, design & icon
  • [ ] Create a "marketing" website
  • [ ] Track "read articles" for syncing and recommendations?

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