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  • Music obsessions

    The table below details what I've been listening to, what I am listening to, or albums I've discovered. There is no shame in this list, these are things you'll catch me listening to. They are albums I reach for when wanting something comfortable. I'm always open to recommendations, so let me

  • Wiitar: Combining the Wiimote, MAX/MSP and Mainstage

    For the final year of my degree, I was required to create an Experimental System Design. At the time, I was heavily involved with a live version of  The Red Attack which was my electronic music played with instruments rather than computers. My set up consisted of an electric guitar running through

  • Covers and Remixes

    I have always been a music fan. Playing violin from the age of 7 and progressing onto guitar, the musical world has always intrigued me, taking me on to study a Music Production degree. Covers and mash-ups I have always had a soft spot for. Even if its covers of your