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  • Points

    This week I announced that I was closing the curtain on my mini-conference Points Brighton. Points has been my baby, my creation. I feel, now it has found its end, I would like educate you in where it started, why it started and how it started in the hope that

  • Future of Web Design - May 2012 - Day 1

    In the middle of May, I attended my first big web conference – the Future of Web Design. I’ve been to a few small-scale conferences before, but never one of the big boys. I always wanted to go to one, as the people you meet there are fab, the talks

  • Points Brighton - The Aftermath

    Last night was the second of my mini-conferences, Points Brighton. It featured speakers and keynotes of all different varieties, and the infamous Points Bazaar (the raffle) was, once more, a hit. If you want to see how good it looked, the photos can be found on flickr. As it was my event, I'm not

  • Points mean Pixels

    Points. A simple, barely-a-conference conference. For ease of reading, this post will follow a traditional approach with a modern twist: Who, What, How Much, Where, When, Speakers, Sponsors Why. Who? Points, is me. I am Points. What? For those that know of me and my ventures,  you will be familiar with the event I put on