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  • Damaged version of macOS

    I was recently trying to install a copy of macOS from a USB stick I'd made and kept getting an error saying the OS was damaged. I created the stick using both the command line and the OSX Install Disk Creator and whatever I did I got the error.

  • "HD" cheap action cam - you get what you pay for

    Recently, a friend and I purchased a cheap action camera from eBay (this link will probably expire). To give you a rundown in case it does, it was a go-pro look-alike for £14. Boasting full 1080p HD video recording (plus 720p if desired), this action cam was unbelievably good value. We weren't expecting

  • Building a 3D printer - tips, hints and links

    Recently a friend, Chris, and I have embarked on the journey of building our own 3D printer. This is something I hugely recommend if you are into that kind of thing. It's taught me many things already and is amazing to see something moving that you've built. I'm in no

  • Use a Raspberry Pi with multiple WiFi networks

    I have recently been carrying my Raspberry Pi back and forth between my home and my local hack space - BuildBrighton. Both places have WiFi and with a Raspberry Pi A+ missing an ethernet port, you need to ensure you can access the Pio to do any sort of development (and

  • Making a filming, photographing, auto-tweeting bot

    At Liquid Light, we often have hack days - a day where we down client work and hack something together for a day. Working on Kensington Street, the graffiti is a prime target for tourists and photographers. We wanted something that captured the wonders of what we see every day. After our

  • Raspberry Pi Timelapse

    I recently acquired a Raspberry Pi camera and the first thing I wanted to do was set up a timelapse. The brains behind this is a slight modification of the standard camera code that the clever Raspberry Pi people give you. Its a python script which is then fired at regular

  • The Arduino Uno and a Mac

    I finally managed to get my hands on an Arduino board a couple of days ago and have been playing around with it this evening. Arduinos run one bit of code - that's it. Whereas Raspberry Pi's can have operating systems installed and all sorts, the Arduino has a bit of

  • Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi for Input and Output

    Make sure you read the introduction to this series So you want the start hacking with your Raspberry Pi? There are a few things you need to do before you can start poking at the General Purpose Input/Output (or GPIO). Install an operating system I've found Raspbian the best one to work with

  • Hacking with a Raspberry Pi: An Introduction

    I've recently been playing around with Raspberry Pi and some hardware - seeing what else can be done with the tiny computer. I previously wrote about using the pi as a media centre, but I wanted to try something else (after seeing a friend using his for house temperature readings). I've always